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TECHNIC-CONTROL Sp. z o.o. in its activities holds a leading position in Western Pomerania in the field of non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics of metal structures.

Our Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory has an accreditation certificate No. AB 080 issued by the Polish Center for Accreditation, confirming that it complies the requirements of PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-02. In addition, the Laboratory has:

  • certificate of qualified subcontractor of the Office of Technical Inspection UDT
  • recognition of Transport Technical Supervision TDT.

As well a current recognitions of the following Classification Societies:

  • Polish Register of Shipping PRS,
  • Det Norske Veritas DNV,
  • American Bureau of Shipping ABS,
  • Bureau Veritas BV,
  • Registro Italiano Navale RINA.

The laboratory has been a full member of the POLLAB Club of Polish Testing Laboratories since 18.11.2004, registered under number 666.

The object of TECHNIC-CONTROL Sp. z o.o. is specialized services in the field of non-destructive testing:

  • VT visual testing, also by optical endoscopy (detection of surface defects).
  • Magnetic-powder testing MT (detection of surface defects, especially cracks and gas pores).
  • Penetration testing PT (detection of surface defects, especially cracks and gas pores).
  • UT ultrasonic testing (testing of welded joints (also duplex stainless steels, used in the construction of, for example, “chemical tankers” – ships for transporting chemicals) and testing of metallurgical products and machine parts. We use the following techniques for testing: manual (UT-PE), phased array (UT-PA), TOFD (UT-TOFD)).
  • Hot thickness measurements, including the thickness of steel chimneys (without the need for stand-off).
  • Thickness measurements of steel structures – including through paint coatings without stripping (this is made possible by the ultrasonic thickness gauge we have with additional A-type imaging – paint thickness is ignored when measuring).
  • RT radiographic testing (radiography of welded joints and castings using X-ray tubes or isotope).
  • Measurement of delta ferrite content by magnetic induction, among other methods, in austenitic welds.
  • Analysis of chemical composition by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) – determination of chemical composition of metal products (PMI).
  • Leakage testing by Vacumbox (bubble method) LT.
  • HT hardness measurements, also directly on the structure.

Other services:

  • Digitization of radiograms – archiving of film-fixed radiograms on CD/DVD (radiogram in digital form) using the DR3000 digitizing system.
  • Consulting in the field of nondestructive testing – development, opinion of instructions
  • and testing procedures.
  • Construction and quality supervision in the manufacture of steel structures.

In our sales office, professionally qualified employees are waiting to meet with contractors. We execute contracts professionally, reliably and on time.