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History of the creation of the West Pomeranian Maritime Cluster Association
InMor – “Innovation and cooperation as the strength of the maritime economy in the region” was a project implemented in 2006-2008, whose participants included: Stocznia Szczecińska Nowa Sp. z o.o., Szczecińska Stocznia Remontowa “Gryfia” SA, Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority SA, Porta Styl Sp. z o.o., the Maritime University of Szczecin, Szczecin University of Technology and the University of Szczecin.

One of the project partners’ initiatives was to set up a cluster initiative in the form of an association (hereinafter referred to as the West Pomeranian Maritime Cluster) linking maritime companies from the West Pomeranian Voivodeship and companies cooperating with them. It was assumed that the Maritime Cluster will be created as an industrial and service economic system consisting of production and service entities, universities, maritime and regional administration offices and social organisations operating within the broadly understood maritime economy.

The initiative to set up a Maritime Cluster publicised by the participants of the InMor project at numerous conferences and meetings attended by representatives of many companies, mainly from the maritime industry, was met with great interest. It was assumed that the Maritime Cluster would become an instrument for the implementation of the policy and strategy of development of the Polish maritime economy integrated with the maritime economy of the European Union, would become a practical model solution for other maritime regions and would be an organisation cooperating with maritime clusters of other countries.

On 23 June 2008 the founding meeting of the West Pomeranian Maritime Cluster Association was held. The founding act was signed by 34 persons representing 25 companies, mainly from the sector of small and medium enterprises related to the shipbuilding industry, ship construction and transport.

The elected Founding Committee was obliged by the founding members to register the Association in the National Court Register.

On 4 August 2008, the District Court in Szczecin, XVII Economic Division of the National Court Register, decided to enter the West Pomeranian Maritime Cluster Association into the National Court Register – Register of Associations under number 0000311113.

On 18 September, at the first General Meeting of the Association Zachodniopomorski Klaster Morski, the Board of the Association was elected, composed of:

Jacek Ciepłowski (Szczecińska Stocznia Remontowa GRYFIA SA),
Arkadiusz Świech (FINOMAR Sp. z o.o.),
Stanisław August (AUTOCOMP ELECTRONIC Sp. z o.o.),
Stanisław Szybiak (PORTA ENVIRO Sp. z o.o.),
Andrzej Kryżan (Association of Maritime Experts).

The Audit Committee was also elected :
Andrzej Mączka Chairman
Andrzej Niecko vice-chairman
Krzysztof Lewanowicz member of the Commission

The Association started to grow dynamically and now has over 100 members representing more than 100 companies and organisations also from the Pomeranian, Lubusz and Silesian Voivodeships.