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Since its inception in 1994, FINOMAR specializes in the production of complex welded structures and provides services for the shipbuilding and energy industry. The company’s location enables the transport of materials and finished products by road, and thanks to the access to the harbor quay also by water.

FINOMAR‘s production capacity enables the following:

– complete watercraft, e.g. pontoons, 
– ship hulls and parts with accessories, 
– structural elements of the power plant (chimney flaps, shutters, flue gas ducts, filter housings), 
– offshore structures 
– structural elements of drilling platforms, 
– foundations of wind farm towers, 
– steel structures for various purposes, 
– aluminum structures.

FINOMAR performs its services both in Szczecin and abroad, incl. in Germany.


ul. Łady 2
71-605 Szczecin
Tel:  +48 91 432 46 00